Sending Greeting Cards a Lost Art? We Think Not!

Even with all the computers, smart phones, social media sites, instant messages and text messages, Current Catalog and our customers firmly stand by the tradition of “snail” mail and sending out greeting cards to loved ones and friends on special occasions or “just because.” Current has greeting cards for virtually every occasion, and if you want to save money, our greeting card value packs are a fantastic way to buy a lot of cards without spending a great deal of money.

Greeting Cards Current

Current’s “All Occasion Value Packs” are a versatile collection of different cards to keep around the house so you’re prepared for several types of occasions. You’ll be thrilled at how delighted your cards’ recipients are when they go their mailbox and see a real live greeting card handwritten by someone who cares! Receiving greeting cards in the mail just means so much more than an email or text message. Greeting cards send the message that you put forth some effort, that you really care and that you want the recipient to know they’re in your thoughts.

The All Occasion Value Pack includes sympathy, anniversary, get well, wedding, baby and congratulations cards with white envelopes and a total of 20 with two of each type. Order online to make shopping at Current fun!