5 Kid- Friendly Easter Party Ideas

Easter is a great time to throw a fun, themed party for your kids. If you need help getting the party started, check out these 5 cool kid-friendly Easter party ideas.

Easter bunny and stocking stuffers from CurrentEgg Relay Race

Set up a relay race obstacle course, and let the fun begin! Have each child hold the handle of a spoon in their mouth as they balance an egg on the end and navigate through the course. At the end of the race location, set up a table filled with prizes, decorations, and an Easter-themed lunch. You could even include one of our dozens of Easter toys and gifts for kids at each child’s place at the table.

Confetti Eggs

To kick off a unique Easter party, hollow out an egg for each child in attendance. Fill one with gold glitter and the rest with confetti. Let each child randomly pick an egg and have them gently crack the shell on their heads. The lucky child with the glitter-filled egg wins a toy prize  Choose one of our toys under $10 for a perfect prize.

Have a Craft Party

Soak colored yarn in craft glue and wrap it around a balloon. Be sure to leave a hole on one side to decorate the inside. Use glitter spray paint for extra hold and decoration. Once the glue is dry, pop the balloon and remove it. Add a mix of Easter grass, toys, and candies to decorate the inside.

Hot Potato, Easter Style

Fill a large plastic egg with prizes and play a game of hot potato. The last child left wins the egg as a prize.

Egg Activities

Another great kid-themed party idea is to write down activities on slips of paper. Put each slip into a plastic egg and place the eggs in a decorative bowl. As each child picks an egg and opens it, everyone performs the activity inside. Fantastic ideas for activities include three-legged races, a game of duck-duck-goose, or a wacky performance of the chicken dance. Including a prize like a flashing bunny ring inside each egg makes this game extra rewarding.

There are hundreds of fun Easter party ideas and activities you can come up with on your own to make your kid-themed Easter party a hit with everyone of all ages. Choose from our great selection of kids’ activities and games – that makes it so fun!