Simplify Life with Rolled Address Labels from Current

Life is just too hectic to spend precious time on tasks that could be made easier with a shortcut. Current Catalog knows all about convenience and ways to make your life easier. We have rolled address labels in a variety of designs to suit all types of tastes. Whether you work from a home office or find yourself in charge of paying the bills each month while sitting at the kitchen table, rolled address labels from Current will surely speed up the process of getting those bills out on time.

Rolled Address Labels

When the holidays roll around, you’ll love having hundreds of address labels at your fingertips to eliminate the tedious process of handwriting your name and address on every single card you send out. Let Current ease your stress and your workload with these rolled little gems from Current Catalog.

Standard rolled address labels are self-stick and come with a free clear plastic dispenser to keep them nicely rolled and organized. You may choose from Gold, Silver, Stonewashed, Rainbow, Clear or White backgrounds and they are ¾” X 2.5” in size. They come in sets of 250 or 500, and you can specify up to four lines with up to 28 characters and spaces. Lettering comes in block, contempo, italic or script, and if you select “script” font, please use upper and lower case letters instead of all caps.