National Bird Day – A Susan Winget Feature

Artwork by Susan Winget

January 5th is National Bird Day, when nature lovers, bird lovers, and bird watchers across the country recognize our fine feathered friends. Here at Current we love the beauty and joy that birds bring to our lives with their beautiful colors, sweet bird songs, and adorable antics. We know you love them, too, and that’s why we feature the work of artists like Martha Collins and Susan Winget in our cards and stationery. We asked Susan about her feelings for birds and how they have inspired her art. Here’s what she had to say:

“Happy National Bird Day! Nature has always been an inspiration for me and a prominent theme in my work. For this reason, it is no surprise that birds are often included in my paintings. Birds have always fascinated me; I love waking up to their songs and watching them flutter and feed outside our kitchen window where we have a collection of various bird feeders. In the last several years I have been able to go on a few birding ventures; I love learning about the different birds in our region. The birds that appear in my paintings are often ones I see around my house and studio, or along the Carolina coast. I like to include them in my paintings because they add life and character to a scene. These sweet and elegant creatures are fun to paint, and my hope is that they bring a little joy with them wherever they go. Today is the perfect day to take a quiet moment outdoors and notice the birds. I think studying and painting these creatures helps me appreciate the simple wonders of nature that I am surrounded by every day!”

To see all Susan’s products click here! You can also enjoy the unique beauty of birds and share it with others through personalized address labels, notepads, cards, journals, address books, and file folders. Birds are with us all year long, from the brilliant red cardinals we enjoy during the winter months to the bright blue birds and red breasted robins of spring. Take a moment to step outside and take in the lively elegance of birds today.