Unique Car Accessories That Really Come in Handy

If you know someone who loves their car then you need to check out Current Catalog’s unique car accessories that really come in handy in a serious situation. These practical creative gifts for the car will make your loved one’s ride more comfortable and interesting and will definitely make the driver safer, which is the most important thing of all.

The brown backseat organizer matches any interior and is super handy for storing important papers and gadgets. With several large areas to store items of varying sizes, this backseat organizer will help to keep the messiest person in order. In the unfortunate circumstance that you get pulled over, you will want to be able to access your registration and proof of insurance quickly and easily without fumbling and appearing nervous. With Current’s Quick Find Auto Wallet, you can keep those all-important pieces of information in one safe, secure place in your glove box or console. When you see those blue lights and hear those sirens, you can relax knowing your paperwork is in order.

Get your loved ones the Lifesaving 6-in-1 Emergency Tool for the car, and they’ll surely thank you! When trapped in a vehicle, this tool really is a lifesaver. Sized to fit in a glove box, console or door storage compartment and is made of durable stainless steel and plastic, with batteries included. This lifesaving little beauty includes the following:

  • A hammer to shatter glass
  • Blade to cut seatbelts
  • Punch to deflate airbags
  • Whistle
  • 2 LED lights


Current’s LED Light Key Chains will eliminate the need to fumble around in your pursue or briefcase looking for your car keys. Handy four-pack set lets you give an LED keychain to the whole family!

Be sure to order unique car accessories from Current, and with easy online ordering, shopping with Current is super easy!