Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic occasion for the adults. It can be a great celebration for the entire family! This holiday season of love is a perfect time for kids to get creative and crafty, especially with the cards they send and receive. And you know they love all those sweets and candy hearts. But then again, who doesn’t?!

Make this Valentine’s Day an extra special day for the whole family this year! Here are a few tips:

Valentine's Day heart shaped pancakesHeart Shaped Pancakes

Start Valentine’s Day out right! As soon as the kids wake up, treat them to some heart shaped pancakes. You can pick up heart shaped cookie cutters just about anywhere, but if you don’t have time to pick some up, you can also put the pancake batter in a pastry bag (or a ziplock bag) and pipe out the batter in a heart shape.


Have an animated movie on hand like Shrek, Lady and the Tramp, or Beauty and the Beast. These sweet storybook romance movies are classics that anyone at any age can enjoy.

Wear Red

Tell the kids they have to wear red! You can even let them choose a crazy outfit, as long as it’s red.

Valentine's Day Cards at Current CatalogCrafty Cards

Have the kids work on Valentine’s Day cards for the rest of the family. You can set up a crafts station with red and pink construction paper and lots of crayons, markers and Valentine stickers.


Make sure you’re stocked with candy and chocolate that’ll satisfy the kids’ sweet tooth.

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