10 Traditional Christmas Treats to Bring Back this Christmas

traditional christmas treats povitica The best things in life are tasty. It’s proven, scientific fact. Okay, maybe there’s nothing all that scientific about it – but is there any denying it’s true? This Christmas, you can give your taste buds a welcome blast from the past by reviving some time tested, traditional Christmas treats that put the name brand, pre-packaged stuff to shame. Here’s a list of the top 10, as agreed upon by taste lovers the world over.

Gingerbread house. About as old school as it gets when it comes to traditional Christmas treats, gingerbread houses are the ideal treat for appreciators of architecture and sugary goodness.

Sugar plums. Tasty enough to bring visions dancing in your head, sugar plums are made from a variety of dried nuts and fruits and coated in sugar or shredded coconut.

Rugelach. A traditional Jewish pastry that’s traditionally served during Hanukkah, rugelach looks a lot like a crescent roll – only instead of regular dough, cream cheese or sour cream dough is used. Fruit preserves are used as the center filling, or any combo of marzipan, poppy seed, raisins and walnuts. Here is a great Rugelach recipe.

Poppy seed rolls. Served throughout central and eastern Europe and also famous in Israel, poppy seed rolls is essentially coffee cake with a bittersweet poppy seed filling.

Peppermint bark. Chocolate lovers can rarely resist digging into these, an especially sweet concoction that blends a dark chocolate center with a white chocolate outer crust, topped with peppermint candy bits.

Yule log. This is the kind you eat, not the kind that keeps you warm. Essentially, it’s a sponge cake baked in the shape of a log, stuffed with your choice of filling (like buttercream) and frosted on the outside.

Gingersnaps. Easy to make and even easier to make disappear, gingersnap cookies blend ginger, cinnamon and molasses to create one of the all-time greatest hits of Holiday baking. Here’s a recipe for Pumpkin Gingersnap cookies (yum!)

Chess pie. Think cheesecake without the cheese – or custard pie with a bit of cornmeal added. This is a recipe that got its start in old England but didn’t fully blossom until it hit the southern United States, where it became a traditional dessert staple.

Povitica. If you’ve never had potivitca, just know that it is a sweet bread with 1-2 pounds of walnuts, honey, butter and other goodness rolled up inside. An eastern European tradition, bake on for yourself with this Povitica recipe.

Christmas tree brownies. It’s difficult to go wrong with traditional brownies, but sometimes their presentation can be a bit stale unless you get creative with it. By cutting the brownie into a triangular shape, adding some decorative frosting and inserting a peppermint candy cane into its base, you can replicate the look of a mini Christmas tree. And then you can eat it. Best of both worlds? Absolutely.

While you’re busy baking tasty treats, don’t forget there are plenty of other ways to celebrate Christmas in creative style.  Create a gift from one of your recipes by using our holiday recipe cards, and or bake a treat and gift in one of our Christmas Treat holders.  Show your individuality by finding unique wrapping paper, ordering personalized stationary and holiday address labels, or snatching up a bulk box of unique greeting cards so you don’t leave anybody off your list.