How to Write a Good Christmas Card

How to Write a Good Christmas CardWriting Christmas cards can be one of the season’s sweetest tasks if you plan ahead a little bit. Unlike other holiday projects, this one doesn’t have to be completed all at once. Just browsing through the Christmas card selection will put you in the Christmas spirit, and give you the pleasure of shopping for something lovely without experiencing budget stress.

Writing as gratitude

If you have a surface where you can spread out your cards and envelopes for a few days, then any time you have an extra minute you can sit down and write a thoughtful card or two. This can be an opportunity for choosing quietness in the midst of a hectic season, and a chance to feel grateful for the people in your life. A sense of calmness and appreciation is the first step in knowing how to write a good Christmas card.

Include a wish for each family member

Above all, Christmas should be a time of inclusiveness. If you’re writing a card to someone who lives with family members, you should include everybody’s names. Even if you’re writing to a co-worker whose family you haven’t met, it’s nice to include the spouse’s and children’s names if possible. At the very least, make some mention of “you and your family” in the good wishes you send.

Write something personal

Even though most Christmas cards come with pre-printed greetings, you know how much you enjoy receiving the ones with personal words penned inside them. The mere act of using a pen to write a greeting on paper has become extra-special in this age of email, so don’t lose this opportunity to make someone feel important.

Use Christmas cards to reconnect

Do you have a relative you’ve lost touch with? Or perhaps a former neighbor you still think fondly of? Christmas cards are the perfect medium for reaching out across the miles or years, because the holiday provides the occasion and you don’t have to come up with an explanation of why you’re writing to the person. You can take advantage of this seasonal custom to offer a message from your heart to someone, and once you’ve dropped the card in the mail you’ll go through the rest of your day with a little sparkle inside.

Even though the holidays can be hectic, you can find moments of comfort and inner joy by participating in the time-honored tradition of sending Christmas cards.