The Benefits of a Traditional Greeting Card

With a fresh batch of new holidays around the corner – Easter and Mother’s Day – many of you are planning to send a card to that someone special to celebrate the festivities. However, with the growing popularity of e-cards, many are wondering what the benefits of mailing over emailing greeting cards might be. Although ideal when you need an emergency solution, e-cards tend to lack the same appeal as mailing a traditional greeting card. Here’s why.

girly greeting cards The Vast Variety of Greeting Cards

An e-card may feature catchy graphics and sounds, but the vast variety of traditional greetings cards offer tangible beauty. The texture, the addition of confetti or personalized stickers – there are no limits to what you can find when you shop traditional greeting cards online or at a local retailer.

Traditional Cards Serve Double Duty as Keepsakes

Unlike an e-card that may become one of those lost, hidden away files on your hard drive, a personalized traditional greeting card creates an ideal keepsake. Many people actually begin collecting greeting cards and keeping them safe in albums, so these memories can be enjoyed anytime.

funny greeting cards Spam Free Cards

Unbelievably, there’s likely being some kind of personal information captured by the e-card company as your recipient claims their card. Likely, in addition to your well-meaning card, they will experience increases in their junk mail inbox. Play it safe and secure and mail a traditional, spam-free greeting card.

Meaningful Greeting Cards

How meaningful is it to get a last minute e-card? Did that person just now realize they forgot to send a birthday greeting card? Did they inadvertently leave you off the Christmas Card List? Point being, the good intentions one has when sending an e-greeting could easily be misconstrued by the recipient, who may think your lack of effort speaks volumes.

Consider the benefits of mailing over emailing greeting cards and show the receiver that they’re worth more than a couple of minutes on the computer. Take a moment to select the ideal greeting card for any occasion at CurrentCatalog – a one-stop shop for personalized gifts and stationery.