Wardrobe Organization Ideas, Tips and Tricks

wardrobe organization ideas tips tricks If opening your closet is more terrifying and confusing than opening Pandora’s box, these quick wardrobe organization ideas can help.

Review and assess. Before diving into the organizational process, dive into an honest review. Donate anything you know you’ll never need or wear.

Hang up scarves, ties and other accessories. Go for a few an accessory hangers that can neatly store your silk scarves, shawls and other lightweight accessories.

Use Pretty Storage Units: Using clear plastic bins certainly work, but look pretty unorganized if you keep a lot of them. Opt for wooden or wicker chests or canvas units. This will allow you to have fun with your closet, motivating you to keep it tidy!

Use a belt box. If belts prove too heavy for a hanger, invest in a decorative storage box to keep them organized. Select a box with small dividers, with each rolled-up belt getting its own place.

Tuck away tights. Stacked storage boxes or small, stackable drawers can work to organize and store your tights, nylons, leggings and even long johns.

Don’t forget under the bed. Large items like purses and boots can be stored under your bed to make more room in your closet.

Keep a Hamper in your Closet. If you’re unorganized, consider placing a hamper in your closet. This will reduce the urge to come home and toss worm clothes on the floor. Set a rule that everytime you fill up the hamper, you immediately do a load of laundry.

Install a shoe rack (or three). Shoe racks come in various shapes, sizes and types. Combine as many as you need to fit your collection and closet layout.

Get the right hangers. Make sure each garment sports a hanger type that will support it, whether it’s with extra notches, a non-slip surface, clips or other details that make it right for the job.

Give select hangers double duties. Combining several garments on a single, strong hanger can work for things like strappy blouses or a jacket and shirt combo you always wear together.

shelf dividers Categorize by color. Use the ROY G BIV color classification system to hang items according to hue. Start with red and move to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and finally black and white.

Divide work and play. Another way to keep things straight is to organize closet into separate sections for work, play and those fancy nights out.

Refresh for the seasons. Take time each spring and fall to give your closet a mini-facelift. Heavier sweaters and boots can move to the corners come spring as sundresses and sleeveless blouses move front and center. Have a small closet? Remove some items entirely and stash them in storage until next season.

Smart Shopping. If you’re closet is overflowing with clothes, be a disciplined shopper. Everytime you buy a new item, you have to get rid of an old piece. This will help you decide whether you really need that new sweater, while keeping your closet in check.

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