How to Cutely Wrap Christmas Gifts with Newspaper

Wrapping gifts in newspaper can turn out drab and dusty… or make gorgeous, unique, and rustic underneath the tree accents. Here are a few easy ways to wrap your gifts in newspaper and have them turn out closer to the latter.

Newspaper Ideas

Wrap with newspaper and place a large, bouncy bow on top. Simple & pretty.

Take 3 pieces of tissue paper, cut them short, and wind them up. Tape them to the paper for a cute and kid-friendly look.

Wrap your gift in Kraft paper and cut out a strip of newspaper. Bonus points for clipping out a piece from a local event or recent date. Simply tape this newspaper to your Kraft wrap, add a bow, and finish it off with a gift tag.

Use a Christmas bow to turn a simple gift into a shabby and chic wrap.

These 4 ways of wrapping gifts will expand your creative Christmas process (and it’s a great money saver too!) for years to come. Shop Current for ways to accessorize your plain gift wrap!