Christmas Kraft Wrapping Paper Ideas

Kraft Wrapping paper is so versatile, which is only one of the reasons we love it. You can dress your gifts up, down and sideways with accents or leave them plain for a simple look. No matter which way you decide to wrap, all of the below ideas will look amazing underneath the tree.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve created a list of our favorite Kraft wrapping ideas.

Use jute cord to make intricate wrap and folds. Top it with a pinecone, ribbon or a cookie cutter.

Have your kids help you wrap gifts for your other family members. A simple way to do this is to stick festive stickers on your Kraft.

This is another great one for kids or adults. We drew shapes with stencils and glued a snowman on our Kraft for a cute, kid-friendly gift.

Up close shot.

Use newspaper and rustic ribbon to fancy it up.

Pleat your Kraft. Find out how.

Add garland from an art supplies store.

Keep it simple with some twine or rustic ribbon.

This special edition Kraft doesn’t need much; it’s cute on it’s own!

Add some green, ribbon, and accessories for an elegant look.

Simple red or green Kraft paper with Kraft Raffia 

Use flowers and wooden gift tags for a Christmasy look.

Now, Shop Kraft wrapping paper and make these gorgeous Christmas creations!