Is This the Best Gift Wrap You’ve Ever Seen?

Is this the best gift wrap you’ve ever seen? We think so! Our Christmas Word Search Gift Wrap is so neat that the recipient of your gift will not want to rip into it Christmas morning! We totally understand. So, we want to help you out with a few terrific ways you can reuse this fun wrap.

Use it to:

  • Make an envelope for thank you notes
  • Gift wrap bows for next Christmas
  • A backing for framed holiday pictures
  • Cover a holiday memory box
  • Line a holiday tray
  • Laminate it for fun placemats or coasters
  • Fold it into origami ornaments
  • Make wrapping paper bunting
  • Cut it up for gift tags for next Christmas
  • Make fun bookmarks
  • Use it in a memory book
  • User it in a craft for next year’s DIY gifts

The perfect gift deserves the perfect wrap, and our Word Search Gift Wrap may just be it!