Holiday Stationery Perfect for Your Christmas Newsletter

If you are going to send out a holiday newsletter this year, you should consider using holiday stationery from Current Catalog.  Our huge line of Christmas stationery is the perfect, festive vessel to carry your holiday cheer to loved ones and friends near and far. Your holiday newsletter will look lovely on this paper, which is sold in reams of 25 sheets that are 8.5 X 11″–standard letter size paper. Say it with holiday cheer this Christmas by ordering holiday border computer paper from Current.

Holiday Stationery from Current Catalog

Holiday Newsletter Tips from Current

The Christmas newsletter is a time-honored way to stay in touch with long distance friends and family members and let them know how everyone is doing. Many families have made the Christmas newsletter a yearly tradition, and with December right around the corner, it’s time to look at Christmas computer paper you can order online from Current. Printing newsletters for Christmas is easy and fun when you use high quality, festive Christmas paper that will surely brighten the holidays for your loved ones and friends.

  • When sitting down to draft your holiday newsletter, be sure you write in a way that you’d like to be written to. Are you wondering what you should include in your newsletter? You may want to include the latest news about marriage, geographical moves, vacations,  pets, new addition to the family, graduations, new jobs and any significant changes in your life.  Highlight the joyous moments of the past year and any milestones reached.
  • Be positive and festive in your tone, but be careful not to boast. There is a line between boasting and reporting, so be careful not to cross the line when composing your newsletter. Also avoid reporting bad news or tales of hardship. This is Christmastime, when love, warmth and happiness are the focus. The goal of the holiday newsletter is to simply update long distance friends and family about your past year, so keep it short, to the point, and fun!
  • Including a Christmas photo is always a very nice touch.
  • Close out your newsletter with a wish of happiness, prosperity and good health for the new year!

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