Foolproof Gift Wrapping Tips from the Pros

Gift Wrapping Tips from the Pros red and silver curlsChristmas is your favorite time of year, but the darkest hour always comes just before dawn. In other words, you must wrap the gifts before you can enjoy watching your loved ones open them! But wrapping presents does not have to be the bane of your holiday existence. Simply follow these foolproof gift wrapping tips detailed below — you’ll be sure to impress the recipients!

Begin Early

If there’s one thing you can do to ensure that the gift wrapping process is less of a catastrophe this year, it’s getting started at least two weeks before the big day. Ideally, you’ll have your presents purchased before the Black Friday hype so that, while everyone else waits in line, you can work on topping those special presents with the perfect ribbons and bows.

Invest In A T Square

If you really want to wrap gifts like a pro, you need to invest in the appropriate tools. And once you’ve purchased your scissors, tape and wrapping paper, there’s one piece of equipment you need above all others: a T square. This handy tool allows you to make precise measurements, while also giving you a straight edge for marking and then cutting large pieces of wrapping paper.

Use Double-Sided Tape

Standard tape is unsightly, so why include such a tacky edition when you could just as easily invest in double-sided tape? A roll of this miracle product is well worth the money, for you’ll find plenty of additional uses for it when the Christmas season is over.

Estimate The Amount Of Wrapping Paper Before Trimming

Most gift wrapping mishaps result from the oh-so-common problem of excessive wrapping paper. Cut out a slightly larger piece of decorative paper and wrap it around the gift box so that the ends overlap. From there, trim as necessary so that the overlapping portion of the paper only consists of an extra inch or two.

Gift wrapping is nowhere near as difficult as you’ve been lead to believe. All it requires is a little advance planning, plus the presence of a few useful tools — combine these elements and you’ll be a Christmas gift wrapping whiz in no time!