Why Checks are Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse

Year: 2052

Location: The USA

Strain: HGT-10

So you’re preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse just in case there is a Zombie Apocalypse. (We know. Anything is possible.) Now you are faced with big questions like what do you bring? Sure, an axe, that’s a given. Leather jacket— check.  A great pair of jeans—check. But what about money? Should it be cash check or charge?

We vote checks!

Here are a few reasons why we think checks are perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse.

  1.       Zombies are attracted to noise and all that change in our pocket could make you a target.
  2.       Everybody who did not prepare will be looking for cash to steal.
  3.        Checks are not as heavy as cash. This is an advantage because you’ll be doing a lot of walking and you’ll need to conserve energy.
  4.       Checks come a ton of cute styles and you will need all the encouragement you can get during the Zombie Apocalypse, living among the undead.
  5.       Zombies would have a hard time forging your name.
  6.       Checks lend an air of civility to an otherwise chaotic event.
  7.       Checks can help prove your identity in a post-apocalyptic economy.

Maybe the Zombie Apocalypse will never happen, but it never hurts to be ready for an infestation of ravenous, brain-eating army of undead. Hey, if the Zombie Apocalypse never happens, you still have awesome checks.