Give Yourself a 2015 Correspondence Makeover!

When you collect the mail and a colorful, hand-addressed envelope sits atop the pile, you smile. You wonder who took the time to write a note. Or, is it an invitation to a party? Maybe someone is getting married!

Why not focus on sending that type of joy to others in 2015 with your own set of personalized correspondence? You can use it to thank your hair stylist for her fabulous services, remind a friend how much she means to you, or send a quick ‘Hello!’ to an elderly relative.

Let’s get started!

To build up your supplies, you need a few items:

  • Ink pens: Choose pens with a wide, comfortable grip. Choose a few featuring ink in uncommon hues like purple, green, or pink.
  • Stamps: Head to the post office and stock up on the latest novelty postage. Remember to buy stamps for both envelopes and postcards so you have several options for your correspondence.
  • Address labels: Let the recipient know exactly who sent them a thoughtful greeting with a self-adhesive address label. Include your name, address, and phone number or email if you’re hoping for a reply.
  • Paper: There’s so many creative options when it comes to what you’ll actually write your letter on. From adorable little note cards, to flowing decorative sheets of paper, stock up on several types of stationery.
  • Envelopes: Much like paper, you’ll want a few envelope styles to choose from when sending correspondence. Try using patterned envelopes for causal notes and longer business envelopes for formal letters.
  • Stickers: Finally, add a personal touch by sealing envelopes with stickers. A whimsical heart is perfect for a letter to a sweetheart, while an elegant monogram looks professional on business correspondence.

Some of Our Favorites:

Woodland Squirrel Personalized Note Cards

Opulent Personalized Note CardsĀ 

Ikat Note CardsĀ 

Are you ready to give your desk a 2015 correspondence makeover? Check out the personalized stationery, memo pads, and note cards available from Current Catalog online. Have your name, address or initials custom printed on your correspondence to make the stationary one-of-a-kind!