Animal and Wildlife Ideas for National Wildlife Day

Did you know that there are currently over 1,300 endangered or threatened species in North America alone? In fact, 99.9% of species that have existed on Earth at some point in history are now extinct. National Wildlife Day was established to educate the public and raise awareness concerning the large number of endangered animals. The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary has been in operation for over 30 years to help preserve endangered and threatened species and educate people and help them understand what these animals are facing and how to get them to a sanctuary. The Yellowstone ecosystem houses the nation’s largest concentration of wildlife and is home to grizzly bears, elk, and bison. The sanctuary acquired their resident bison, Speedy, when she was turned over by a family who adopted the animal as a pet when it was rejected by the mother. When the bison became too large to keep as a pet, the family relinquished her to the sanctuary.

At Current, we love and appreciate the beautiful wildlife of our country and we invite you to celebrate them with us. Choose from one of over 40 varieties of personal checks honoring everything from puppies to the iconic American Eagle, or select from a variety of greeting cards and address labels with animal themes. There’s no time like the present to choose your wall calendars for next year before they’re all gone, and we’ve got some beautiful choices featuring animals and outdoor scenes to grace your walls next year or give as gifts to an animal loving friend or relative.

Another great way to celebrate and honor our nation’s wildlife is with a photo creation for your walls. Take your favorite wildlife photo – or a collection of them – and transform it into a unique piece of personalized wall
for yourself or someone you love. Light up the night with a bird
night light or bless a bird watching friend with a decorative figurine or personalized notecards featuring our fine feathered friends.

If you’d like to get involved with wildlife preservation, reach out to your local zoo and ask if they have any fundraising events dedicated to the cause, or suggest that they hold one if they don’t already. If you have a wildlife preserve or animal sanctuary in your area, look into volunteer opportunities, or help promote any local events to help raise awareness.