Things to Say in a Housewarming Card

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, and an occasion where a greeting card and/or housewarming present is appropriate. Here are some suggestions of what to say in a housewarming card that we hope will give you the inspiration to go beyond “Congratulations”.

  1. Home sweet home – now you have your very own! (For first-time homeowners)
  2. Welcome to the neighborhood! (If someone is moving in nearby)
  3. So happy for you and yours! Congrats on your new home!
  4. Welcome to the land of house payments!
  5. We are thrilled for you! There’s nothing quite like a new home; congratulations!
  6. A new home is so exciting! Congrats on your move!
  7. May your new home be all you ever dreamed ~ congratulations!
  8. Best wishes for many years of happiness in your new home.
  9. You are your own landlord now! Congratulations on becoming a homeowner.
  10. A man’s home should be his castle ~ does this mean I have to call you “king” now?
  11. Relax, put your feet up, and enjoy being a homeowner. Your new place is great!
  12. Welcome to your new home. May you enjoy the peace and quiet!
  13. You found a place to call your own ~ congratulations on your new home!
  14. Yay! Now you can have all the wild parties you want without bothering the neighbors!
  15. I am so proud of you! You worked hard, saved your money, and now you get the payoff!
  16. Congratulations on reaping the rewards of all your hard work. Enjoy your new home!
  17. One great thing about owning a home? No one can raise your rent anymore! Congrats.
  18. No one above you, no one below you, no one to tell you to turn the music down!
  19. It is incredible to see you moving into a beautiful new house all your own! Congrats!
  20. Heartfelt wishes for homeowner happiness! You deserve it!

It is always exciting to see someone we care about prospering, especially when they acquire their first home, a new home, or even the home of their dreams. No matter how you phrase it, your sincere best wishes will be appreciated when they come from the heart.