How to Survive Back to School Shopping with the Kids

Back-2-SchoolCongrats on surviving summer with the kids. But you still have one more thing to get through before school starts: back to school shopping! If taking all the kids out for supplies shopping sounds like a daunting task, here are a few tips on how to make your shopping trip as easy as possible.

Back-2-School-2Shop at Home

You don’t always have to buy brand new stuff for back to school. In fact, you’ll probably find some things on your list lying around the house. Take a look around the house and you’ll find unused pencils, notebooks, markers, scissors, and other supplies. Remember all those supplies that were sent home with your child at the end of the LAST school year?  They are probably still sitting in the very spot your child dropped them, all those months ago!

Back-2-School-4Stick to the List

To make shopping as quick and painless as possible, have your checklist with you and stick to it! It’s easy for you and the kids to get sidetracked by other things at the store, but as long as you have your list, you’ll be in an out of there in no time. And it’ll help you stay within your budget. Plus, watch out for random ‘must haves’ like skateboards and video games that somehow make it into your cart because your child insists they are back to school “necessities”!

Back-2-School-5Look Out for Sales

Stores always have back to school sales going on around this time of year. Take advantage of discounts, sales, and gather up those coupons. And plan ahead for the next school year by picking up supplies and clothes during other sales and discount periods throughout the year. The fewer times that you and your child need to make this excursion throughout the year, the better.

Back-2-School-3Shop as Early as Possible

You can avoid crowds and long lines by getting the shopping out of the way early. Get those supplies as soon as you can! Once you get the back to school list, start shopping. Also, the earlier you hit the stores, the bigger and better selection you’ll have, and your kids can choose their favorite colors! Be sure to pack snacks for the trip – you’re going into the back to school ‘battle’ and need to fortify yourself and your child!

Back-2-School-6Shop Online

If you want to skip the stores altogether, you can find everything you need online. Sometimes, shopping online is even cheaper than going to the store. So look online first for supplies, and check the prices and shipping rates before heading out to a store. And let’s face it – if you don’t have to drag your child anywhere and can shop in your pajamas from the comfort of your couch, you’ll both be happier!