Surprise an Old Friend with a Friendship Card from Current

Friendship Card CurrentCan you remember the last time you received a greeting card in the mail other than around Christmas or on your birthday? When was the last time you sent an old friend a card “just because”? Think of the joy you can bring to someone’s life by spending a few minutes ordering friendship cards online from Current Catalog, and when they arrive, spending another few minutes filling them out—just because. Ten minutes of your time can actually change someone’s whole outlook on her day—especially if it’s a bad one.

Imagine an old friend you haven’t spoken to or seen in many, many years and imagine her going through a hard time. Maybe she’s experienced a death in the family recently or she and her husband are having problems. Maybe her youngest child just left for college and she’s experiencing some loneliness. Now, imagine her going to the mailbox and finding a card from you just letting her know that she is in your thoughts. What could have been a very glum day just turned around thanks to you.

Current has such a wide variety of Friendship Cards that you’re sure to find some that you love. You can even make it a tradition by marking your calendar one day a month to send out “just because” friendship cards to old friends you have lost touch with over the years. It will make their day and yours to re-connect, say hello and share a smile.

Current makes it easy to keep in touch with old friends who are near and dear to your heart.  We offer a full line of greeting cards, from Birthday cards to sympathy cards and more.  If, for some reason, you’re unable to drive or don’t have the time to shop for cards, you can simply place your order online, and in no time at all, a box of friendship cards from Current will arrive on your doorstep. Order from Current today and make someone’s day a little brighter!