How to Wrap Presents without Tape

How to Wrap Presents without TapeWhat kind of gift wrapper are you? Maybe you precisely wrap presents with perfect edges, secure every present with ribbons and bows or close all the seams with tape. Why not consider going tape-free this Christmas?

Wrapping without tape reduces environmental waste as it limits your reliance on manufactured tape and protects the wrapping paper so that it can be reused. Tape-free wrapping techniques also prevent infants from eating and choking on tape. This year, express your creativity and learn how to wrap presents without tape.

Utilize Gift Bags

Colorful gift bags with seasonal decorations or in plain colors disguise a gift and require no tape. All you need to do is wrap the gift in tissue paper before inserting it into the bag. Then, fluff a piece of tissue paper on top to conceal the gift and create a tape-free present.

Gather Boxes

Boxes of any size easily conceal a gift and are sturdy enough to hold heavy books or fragile glassware. They also seal quickly, especially if they feature a lid. As a bonus, decorative boxes require no wrapping paper, and plain boxes are easy to decorate with markers, stickers and other embellishments.

Wrap With Scarves

They’re colorful and flexible, which makes scarves a perfect choice for wrapping presents without tape. Plus, the recipient can wear the scarf after he or she unwraps the present. Mix and match more than one scarf for visual effect, or wrap a single long scarf around the package several times as you secure the gift in a beautiful scarf.

Use the Gift Itself

A new blanket, soft towels or fashionable purse all double as gift wrap. Simply wrap smaller items into the blanket or towel or insert them into the purse. The recipient will see one of the gifts he or she is receiving, but you’ll use no tape.

Are you ready to get creative with your wrapping and go tape-free this year? In addition to reducing environmental damage, wrapping without tape exercises your creativity and may just start a new tradition. So, gather your festive paper, colorful ribbon and other supplies as you wrap tape-free this holiday.

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