Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips

Whether by plane, train or automobile, the holiday season means travel for millions of people. Although it’s a busy time of year, holiday travel doesn’t have to be stressful. Enjoy a more relaxing trip with these holiday travel tips.

Be Well Rested

The night before you leave for the holidays can be crunch time, meaning you might stay up late in an attempt to get it all done. It’s a better idea to get a full night’s sleep before you head off on a big trip. If you’re driving to your destination, you’ll be a safer driver on the road if you’re well rested. If you’re taking a train or flying, you’ll be much less aggravated after a full night’s sleep.

Allow Plenty of Time

Give yourself and your family plenty of time to get to your destination. Airlines recommend arriving at the airport two hours before your plane leaves for a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. During the holiday season, you might want to add an extra half hour to that time, to account for the increased number of travelers. If you have kids, having a thick cushion of time is a must, as they tend to slow things down.

Keep the Kids Busy

Speaking of kids, you’ll want to have plenty of activities to keep them occupied during a long flight or car ride or while waiting at the airport. Avoid disappointments by bringing along games that don’t require batteries or an Internet connection, such as a classic wooden peg game. You can also play a game such as “I Spy” or “20 Questions” to pass the time at the airport.

Pack for the Weather

Packing for a holiday trip can be tricky if you’re headed to a tropical location from a chilly area. Remember to bring along something warm so that you and the kids aren’t freezing when you come back from your trip. If you’re flying, pack a jacket and accessories for each person in carryon luggage. If you’re driving, stash your winter gear in the trunk, so that it’s ready for you when you get home.

Holiday travel becomes a lot more enjoyable when you’re prepared. Give yourself plenty of time to plan, pack and get to your destination to get your holiday celebration off on the right foot.

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