How to Pleat Wrapping Paper for Gorgeous Gifts

Earlier this month, we starting to explore the web for new, exciting (and gorgeous) ways to wrap gifts. Since we know you love making your gift special every time, we wanted to give you even more options to present them in a unique way. So we enlisted the help of a local crafter & DIYer: Colorado Anne.

We created this tutorial so our audience can learn how to pleat wrapping paper quickly and easily! So, let’s get to it.


How to Do It

Step 1: Measure and cut your wrapping paper. We suggest using almost 2x the amount of wrapping paper your first try. Then, you’ll have a better idea of how many pleats you like and how much paper that consumes.

Step 2: Once you have your piece of paper, put your gift aside. Let’s┬ástart pleating.

Basically, all pleating is is folding your wrapping paper like an accordion. You can fold straight or on the diagonal.

Add as many pleats as you like. ProTip: Crease the paper under, not over. Its much easier.

See? It’s very similar to an accordion. Don’t worry if it looks a little rugged from the side, it will look nice from on top!

Step 3: After you’re satisfied with your pleats, you’ll want to secure the underneath with a few pieces of clear tape.

Step 4: This only applies if you pleated on the diagonal. If you did, you’ll need to re-cut your wrapping paper back into a square. You may end up cutting off quite a bit- don’t worry!

Step 4: Now we’re back to a “normal” piece of wrapping paper and we’re almost ready to wrap our gift!

Step 5: Tape the edges of your pleats. This will prevent them from fanning out when you start to wrap.

Step 6: Start wrapping!

Almost done.

Step 7: Add a ribbon, bow or other accessory to finish your look.

Pleating wrapping paper isn’t difficult, but we think it adds something truly special to our loved one’s gifts. Next time you’re looking for a unique way to wrap a gift, try out this pleating tutorial. Then browse Current’s selection of wrapping paper and accessories for everyday and Christmas celebrations.