12 Nature-Inspired Craft-Wrap Accessories

Next time you have a birthday gift to wrap, or want to embellish a little present for someone special, channel your inner nature-lover. Choose nature craft wrap accessories. You know, things inspired by the outdoors!

Here’s 12 ways to add a natural touch to your next gift wrapping project!

Raffia ribbon: Add a country look to a package wrapped in gingham-print or simple butcher paper.

Cooking twine: Head over to the baking department to get a roll of inexpensive baking twine to use in place of ribbon or to attach a name tag to a gift.

Dried blooms: Carefully glue a preserved flower blossom to the top of a tiny jewelry gift box.

Pinecones: Add a mist of spray glitter paint to a few pinecones, then secure them to the top of a holiday package to add extra sparkle.

Evergreen cuttings: A short sprig of pine or blue spruce needles is all you need to add a fresh scent and natural look to a package.

Ornamental fruits: A cluster of crab apples or holly berries is an easy way to add a pop of red to any package.

Pressed leaves: Find a unique leaf, press it between the pages of a heavy book overnight, then use a scrapbooking pen to delicately write a name tag for the gift.

Fresh flowers: One giant blossom resting atop a package is feminine and elegant. Try a peony or hydrangea clipping.

Burlap: Wrap a narrow band of burlap around a large package to give it a rustic feel.

Acorns: Use a dab of hot glue to adhere an acorn to the center of a bow.

Leaves: Use the long, slender leaves of a lily in lieu of ribbon to add a pop of green to a small gift.

Ferns: A small fern frond is both delicate and intricate, making it the perfect package topper for a nature-theme gift.

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