Fall Cleaning: The New Spring Cleaning

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Is extended family gathering at your home for Christmas? Do the kids invite friends over during the winter break from school? Then, it’s time to start deep cleaning the house, pronto. Fall cleaning is the cool weather equivalent to spring cleaning so your place looks great for all those seasonal guests. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a simple checklist for you!


Give in and treat every bathroom in the house to a thorough scrubbing. Tubs, showers, and toilets all deserve extra TLC this time of year. And don’t forget to launder curtains and rugs for your guests. It’s also a good time to freshen the linen closet with some new towels or give the old ones that rarely get used a wash and fluff with some fragrant fabric sheets so they smell great!


Since many guests linger in the kitchen to help with meal prep or grab a snack, give this room a good cleaning. Sweep and mop under the furniture. Organize the pantry. And, be sure to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator. Old leftovers need to go so you can make room for new ones. Plus, it’s nice to add a few kid friendly snacks like fruit and pudding cups to your usual grocery selection.

Living Room

If your living room is the main hangout, people pile in wherever they can fit. That means a professional carpet or rug cleaning is on the to do list. If you have hard floors, mop and wax them. Then give the upholstered furniture a through vacuuming and spray with an odor neutralizing spray. If you’ll have lots of kids over, invest in some bean bags or large pillows perfect for lounging on the floor.

Guest Bedroom

If this extra bedroom hasn’t been used in the last few weeks, it needs extra attention before the holiday season is in full swing. Strip the bed and wash the linens. Then sprinkle the mattress with carpet freshening powder and vacuum the bed surface. Take a peek in the closet and see if it can be organized to make room for guests to hang a few pieces of clothing.


Take an afternoon to sort through the toys and kid’s furniture in this space. Delegate each item to keep, donate, or throw away. This makes room for new toys at the holidays and eliminates tripping hazards for guests. Plus, the littlest holiday visitors can share this space with your kids while the adults visit in another area of the home.


Before really cold weather sets in, plan to tidy the basement and garage. Reducing clutter is a great way to make room for storing gifts that need to be wrapped and making space to organize holiday decorations.

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