4 Ways to Take Your Greetings a Step Further

In the time of emails and social media, getting a physical card is not just special, it’s extraordinary, and a gift all on its own. Sending cards to those you love is more than just a way to send a greeting or let them know you care; you are also sending a keepsake that they can keep for years to come. There is something special about cards that no other mode of communication can come close to matching.  

If you like to send cards as much as we do, we know you will appreciate some ways to take your greeting cards even further and make them even more memorable. The best part is, it does not take much effort to pack in a lot of extra thoughtfulness.

Check out these four fun ways to add a little extra love to your greeting cards.

Make Writing Back Easy

If you love getting mail from the grandkids, make it easier for them to reply by tucking in some stamps, an envelope, and address labels into the card. They will get the hint and reward you with some love!

Tuck in Meaningful Recipes

Did they rave about your chocolate cake, or mention that they love your lasagna? Tuck in the recipe for it into the card as a special gift. Recipes are like little bits of family history and when you share them, you help the legacy live on.

Coupons make a Thoughtful Gift

If your friends or family rave about a product or love to save money at the grocery store, coupons make a wonderfully appreciated gift enclosure in your greeting card.  You can even send a recipe idea to go with the coupons you enclosed!

Newspaper Clippings

Friends and family that have moved out of the area would love to stay in touch and hear about local happenings. One way to keep them close to your heart and keep their hearts close to home is by sending newspaper clippings of local events that may interest them. Did you see an article that encouraged you? Send it to a friend that could use a smile.

The great thing about cards is that they are already significant and meaningful. When you have them in your hands you know that someone took the time to care, and you are holding that physical remembrance. And even better, it takes so little to make them even more special by tucking in some small enclosure. Get creative! You can enclose just about anything to brighten someone’s day from sticks of gum to pictures the kids drew. If it makes you smile, it is very likely to make them smile too.