Easy Christmas Storage Hacks

Did you find yourself surrounded by a pile of packaging this holiday season? Are you wondering how to keep things a little more organized next year? We’ve got some amazing Christmas storage hacks that will help you bring order to the chaos of Christmas to come, from how to keep your Christmas décor in shape until next year, to how to arrange your gift wrapping elements, to home organization tips that will let you put your hands on anything within seconds.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy organizers to keep your holiday cheer in line. For storing ornaments, use a clear plastic totes with lids that snap or latch closed and insert a cardboard organizer so each ornament has its own section. This will keep delicate ornaments from bumping up against one another and breaking. If you can’t find a cardboard organizer, use clear plastic drink cups from the dollar store. Glue your cups to a piece of throw away cardboard (think boxes from all those opened gifts) and you can easily stack these in your storage container. Place an extra piece of cardboard on top for extra protection. If you don’t want to spend any money on plastic containers, ask your local liquor store to hold back some wine boxes that come with these sectioned organizers in them and repurpose them as Christmas storage boxes.

Another way to store ornaments and keep them safe is egg containers. Whether you use cardboard egg boxes or clear plastic ones, these handy boxes will keep your delicate Christmas ornaments safe and sound until next year, and you don’t have to spend any extra money on containers or organizers.

For partially used rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, secure them with silicone flip wraps and place in an under the bed storage box to hide away those unsightly rolls in a spot you’re not using for anything else (unless you count your dust bunny collection). Toss in a roll of tape and some ribbon and you won’t be searching for those next year, either. If you prefer your gift wrap where you can see it, use a clear plastic garment bag that zips closed, or pick up a hanging gift wrap organizer that hangs on your closet rod. Current offers several wrapping paper storage options.

To keep those wreaths clean until next year, simply attach a hanger to the back of the wreath using a twist tie or zip tie. Cover wreath with a simple plastic shopping bag to keep it dust free until next year. Cut a hole in the center of the bottom of the bag for the hook of your hanger and you can hang your covered wreaths in a closet.

For all those extra extension cords, use a scarf hanger and thread the cords through the openings for each scarf. For strings of Christmas lights, use a regular plastic hanger and wrap the lights around the body of the hanger. For longer strings of lights, wrap around a piece of cardboard.

If your Christmas décor includes strands of beaded garland, storing them in clear plastic water bottles is a great way to keep them from breaking or becoming entangled with ornaments or other decorations. They’ll be easy to find in a clear plastic bottle, as well.

To help organize your decorations by room, place everything from that room into its own storage box or bin and place a label on the outside of the bin. Next year, you’ll know exactly where everything goes, and you can choose to decorate the whole house at the same time or do one room at a time.

Tired of trying to wrestle your holiday tree back into the box it came in? Try a handy Christmas tree storage bag constructed of sturdy polyester oxford fabric and easy to use with a zippered closure and dual handles for easy carrying.

Got a lot of spools of ribbon leftover from the holidays? Grab an unused paper towel holder and stack those spools right up to the top. Drop the holder into a box or storage tub and all your ribbon will stay in one spot.

We hope these home organization tips help you with all your Christmas storage needs, and we’ll close with a pro tip: For all those glitter laden ornaments and decorations, a coat of hairspray will do an amazing job of keeping the glitter where you want it (on the ornaments and decorations!) and not all over your carpet, furniture, and clothes.