Better Than Butter – 7 Inspired Recipes for Corn on the Cob

Summer sweet corn isn’t just another seasonal food. It’s nostalgia for the entire middle of the country (and expanding outward every year) Whether you pick up your corn on the side of the road in Illinois or at a mega-mart, it’s a sweet summer delicacy that takes us back.

This summer roast your corn on the open grill (or steam it) and use a flavored butter spread to take it to the next level. The following 7 amazing butters are making us drool over our keyboards. We can’t wait to try them and see which becomes a new family tradition in our home. Without further ado…

Roasted Garlic Truffle Butter

Lemon Dill Butter

Homemade Butter with Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Cilantro Lime Honey Butter

Wild Garlic & Herb Butter

Creamy Anchovy Butter

Chipotle Butter

These butters could be used on other foods as well- ¬†steaks, chicken, roasted veggies, breads, you name it. So this summer when you get your seasonal corn, try something new. It just may be the tastiest recipe you’ve ever had.

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