6 Wall Plaques to Put a Smile on your Face

For those who love exploring their creativity through home decorating, few home décor items are as popular as wall plaques. Incredibly affordable, wall plaques come a in a huge range of options so you can change your style and impact in a moment.

If you are considering making an eye-catching statement with wall plaques, here are six of our favorites!


Life gets busy and complicated for all of us. What could be a better reminder to take it all in stride than our exclusive “happiness” plaque? Happiness is a journey and this rustic plaque is a beautiful reminder to make each day special.

Three Words

I love you. No words are more powerful than these three simple words. This touching plaque is one of our favorites because it keeps our thoughts at the forefront of every day so loved ones never forget how much we love them.

Amazing Grace

The Amazing Grace wall decoration is an uplifting reminder of thankfulness. The metal words are a striking image against any wall surface and sure to add delight to your day and your décor.

It Is What It Is

There is no need to feel resigned to circumstance and this wall plaque is the perfect reminder!

We’ll Be Friends

This fun and heartwarming wall plaque is a great way to celebrate friendships that endure the test of time.

Home Is Where Your Story Begins

Celebrate the importance of family with a personalized family name plaque. Our stories begin where our hearts are entwined, and this plaque says it beautifully.

With Current’s line of wall plaques, you can refresh your décor, and your spirit!  Check out our gallery and mix and match to define your unique style.