23 Ways to Reuse Newspaper in Your Home

While we live in a digital age, somehow nothing beats getting to open a crisp new newspaper and delving into the world over a morning cup of coffee. Newspapers still rock, and still serve a myriad of purposes beyond the delivery of information.

Here are some great ways to reuse your newspapers:

  1.       Use them instead of paper towels to wash windows
  2.       Roll them into tubes and let the children create awesome play structures
  3.       Make paper cups for seedlings
  4.       Roll into beads for jewelry
  5.       Use to make fire starting logs
  6.       Reuse as giftwrap
  7.       Place over spills to absorb liquids
  8.       Shred to use as garden mulch
  9.       Shred to use as gift basket filler
  10.   Packaging material
  11.   Scrunch up and place in the refrigerator, empty ice chests, or shoes to absorb odors
  12.   Scrunch them into balls and pack in unused shoes to help them keep their shape
  13.   Place at the bottom of trash bins to make cleaning them easier
  14.   Cover windows with newspaper to protect them from splatter while painting
  15.   Pack in luggage to help absorb odors
  16.   Keep some in the car for cleaning windshields
  17.   Keep some in the car for making a makeshift funnel for adding oil or other fluids in an emergency
  18.   Shred and use as pet bedding
  19.   Cut into small squares to keep in the bathroom or purse for blotting lipstick
  20.   Cut into small squares to use as confetti
  21.   Stuff them into wet boots or shoes to help them dry
  22.   Wrap up your fruit to help them ripen more quickly
  23.   Craft it using one of the million ideas on Pinterest

Newspapers are amazing versatile and phenomenally useful in so many ways. Sure, you can always recycle newspaper, but before you do, why not give them a second useful life? Not only is it a green alternative, it is just plain useful; and nothing beats that! While you’re at it, be sure to shop Current Catalog’s BOGO deals– they are a true value.