5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Day to Day Purchases

When it comes to making room in the monthly budget, finding ways to save on day to day purchases is one of the best tools in your financial toolbox. Saving money doesn’t always involve drastic changes. In fact, day to day purchases add up more quickly than we think; so the savings in that area can be significant without involving drastic cutbacks.

Here are Five Fabulous Ways to Save on Day to Day Purchases

Shop Online Deals

There are some things we need throughout the year, like small gifts, cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, and organizational items. One great way to keep more money in your pocket is by purchasing those items online and on sale. Current offers steep discounts on many household helpers, seasonal necessities, and gifts with hundreds of items at $5 or less.

Consider Re-Sale Before New

Before spending your hard earned money on an item, find out if it is available used locally. There are many buy/sell/trade groups on FaceBook and items for sale on sites like Craigslist. What does not work for one person might be just the thing you need with big savings as an added advantage.

Use Savings Apps

Before you buy, check out savings apps. Some phone apps will help you locate the best deals and others will reward you with money back and other savings. Combine this with other savings and you can save a bundle.

Use Coupons

When finding ways to save on day to day purchases, every penny counts. While coupons can be time consuming, they can also add up to real savings even for the casual coupon clipper.

Join Reward Clubs

Your favorite stores have rewards clubs. Join them and get exclusive deals and updates on upcoming sales so you can plan your spending. Stick with what you will really need and use, though.  Saving is great, but not if the purchase does not serve a purpose.

By incorporating these five ways to save, you will not only get what you need, you will keep more money while doing it!