Black & White Stationery Designs from Current

There are some stationery designs we at Current love all year round. Like you, black and white designs are among our favorites, and not just for the sheer utility. Black and white designs are unquestionably fresh, sophisticated, and elegant. The graphic nature takes them from beyond beautiful to emotive, and memorable.

If you are a fan of black and white design, here are a few of our favorites.

Opulent Note Cards

These notecards are as impressive as they are versatile.  Blank note cards give you the opportunity t be creative and draft your own well-wishes.

Piano Keys Note Cards

Personalized with your name, these piano key note cards send inspiration! The design features piano keys, each of which highlight a section of sheet music, pulling you into a world of music. From composer to piano teacher, there is no denying your passion!

Rococo Memo Pad

Memo pads are not only versatile; they are extremely helpful in our fast paced world today. With this stylish and graphic swirling leaf and flower designed note pad, you will be ready to jot down important messages, and those messages will be seen!

Formal Initial Correspondence Card

Formal correspondence is always remembered, and made even more memorable when it is on bold and elegant black and white correspondence cards. Personalized with your Initial entwined with a graceful flourish, these cards can be used for thank you notes, invitations, response cards and more.

Blackboard Note Cards

Excellent for sending thanks, congratulations, or used as invitations, these personalized black and white chalkboard design cards are sure to grab attention.

Bold Statement Note Cards

These black and white cards hit you with a punch of pink.

While we love all of our stationery designs equally, we think you will agree that there is just something special about black and white designs that hold our attention and capture our imagination. They speak to us, and we hope they speak to you, too.