4 More Occasions for Giving Greeting Cards

We all send cards for occasions like birthdays, holidays, weddings and graduations. But, there are many other times when friends or family would enjoy recognition of special days or achievements. Consider these other occasions for greeting cards to add a bright spot to a loved one’s day:

greeting cardsA New Job or Promotion

Surprise a friend with a sweet card to congratulate her on a job well done. If you know the address, mail the card so it will arrive on her new desk during her first week. She’ll be happy to have the words of encouragement from a familiar friend in her new place.

A Personal Fitness Achievement

Do you have a friend who just ran her first marathon? Picked up a new wellness hobby like yoga or tai chi? Send her a card with a note of encouragement and congratulations. Positive lifestyle changes can sometimes be hard and every bit of positive reinforcement helps.

thank you cards The Turn of the Season

Some years, Christmas card season slips past before you are able to get out all the cards that you wished you could. Don’t feel that the opportunity to reach out is gone until next year. Send out cards to friends and acquaintances to wish them a happy spring. The cards will be appreciated even more because they are unexpected and not buried under a deluge of seasonal well-wishes.

An Unusual Anniversary

Has it been 20 years since you and your best friend sat next to each other on the first day of school? Play a fun game of “remember when” and let her know how important your shared history is to you. There are all-occasion cards that can fit any milestone and every sort of friendship.

Greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch and let friends know how important they are to you. Don’t wait for a big occasion to reach out and say that you care.