10 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Season


Fall is fast approaching, and cooler days are on the calendar. Many people would say that autumn is their favorite season of the year. The kids are back in school, most vacations have been taken, and crisp mornings are on the horizon. Are you ready to embrace the colorful fall season?

This is the time of year we enjoy mugs of warm spiced cider, collecting crimson leaves, watching football with the family, crafting with pine cones, wearing fuzzy scarves and hats, and carving pumpkins. There’s a lot to do both inside and outside to experience some fall fun. We have some suggestions for ways to embrace this time of year, and celebrate the change of seasons.

  1. Explore a pumpkin patch. Even if you don’t have little ones in the house, take a weekend to visit a local pumpkin patch with a friend. Perhaps you know a single mom who could use some help (or even a day to herself). Offer to go along for the ride, or if you’re comfortable, take the kids off her hands for the day. You’re never too old to enjoy a day in a pumpkin patch!
  2. Set aside time for a forest walk. Get outside and enjoy a cool autumn morning on a walk through the woods. Enjoy the sights and sounds of fall, with changing leaves, squirrels gathering food for the winter, and twigs crackling beneath your feet. No woods nearby? There’s bound to be a city park that offers many of the same benefits within driving distance.
  3. Fall Decor from Current CatalogGather pine cones, multi colored leaves, and branches to decorate your home. The scent of pine is one of the many things associated with fall, and can help bring the outside into your home, so you can enjoy the season even more. Decorate a mantle, table, or window with natural elements. Check out our fall decor!
  4. Rake leaves. Not only is this a great workout, but once you have the perfect pile…you know what to do! Take a few steps back, get a running start, and dive in. Yes, you will still need to bag them up or mulch them, but it will be well worth it!
  5. Add fall scented candles to your home. Not only will this help fill your home with the yummy scents of autumn (think cinnamon apple, vanilla, and pumpkin spice), but you can use them to brighten corners and add a warm glow to your rooms.
  6. Find a local fall festival. This is the time of year for state fairs, carnivals, and outdoor concerts. Take the family for a hayride, ride a Ferris wheel, and eat funnel cake as you stroll the midway and pretend you’re a kid again. Many fairs and festivals are free to attend, and a great way to spend the day enjoying the season without breaking the bank.
  7. Pack away your summer clothes. Now is the time to clear out those shorts and tee shirts and make room for sweaters and scarves in your closet and dresser drawers. Take a day to go through your belongings and see what you can donate to a local charity or shelter. If you find fall clothing items lingering from previous fall and winter seasons that you haven’t worn for a few years, toss those into the donation box as well.
  8. Fall Note Cards by Current CatalogMake a thankfulness list. With the Thanksgiving holiday on the horizon, take the time to make a list of all the things you are thankful for. If you have children, make it a family project and teach them the value of remembering all the good things that they have experienced during the year. Check out our fall stationery!
  9. Take pictures of fall foliage, and use them to decorate your home. Whether you live in the part of the country where golden aspen trees flourish, or are surrounded by hillsides covered in an explosion of color, there are multiple opportunities to photograph the change of seasons. Take some unique photos that say, “fall is here” to you, and frame them for yourself or as a gift for someone special.
  10. Throw a potluck Fall harvest dinner party. Whether friends and family have summer gardens or shop at a local farmer’s market, fall brings an abundance of favorite foods and desserts for all to enjoy. From delicious squash soups to pumpkin pie, a harvest themed meal is a great way to celebrate the relationships that make life worthwhile.