10 Office Gifts that Won’t Blow your Budget

Office gift giving can get a little tricky at times. Between the gift and wrapping, the cost can really add up fast. You want to show your appreciation or recognition and be thoughtful to usefulness but do not want to break the bank while doing it. So how do you balance all of the obligations of office gift giving? Keep spending under control by choosing fun, creative and inexpensive office gifts that fit into cost efficient treat holders.

Perpetual Calendars

Perpetual calendars are useful, never go out of style or out of date, and come in some really awesome styles. They come in an amazing array of sophisticated styles at affordable price points, and fit nicely into stylish gift bags.

Ceramic Coffee Cup

Having your own distinctive ceramic coffee cup in the office is extremely helpful. Not only does it save on the use of disposable cups, it’s just plain fun! For added fun, fill it with cream and sugar packets before wrapping.

Mug Warmer

Another coffee inspired gift making our top 10 list is the mug warmer. No matter how many times you get called away from your desk, your cup is always the perfect temperature.

Portable Cup Holder

If they already have the cup, then a portable cup holder might be just the thing they need! This makes our list of top inexpensive office gifts because it’s not only affordable, it is absolutely genius! Just clip on the cup holder to the side of your desk and keep that desk spill-free.

Idea Book

Do you have a coworker that loves to take notes or has a million great ideas that should come to fruition? Support their ideas with an artful idea book that will inspire them on their journey.

Package Opener

Perfect for the person who receives tons of packages, the package opener makes the perfect inexpensive office gift.

Movie Tickets

You have to get away from the office some time, so why not give a gift that encourages a little down time? Movie tickets make a great neutral office gift.


It never hurts to have an umbrella around and since they come in so many styles and price points, they make a great gift for coworkers.

Note Pad

Seriously, you can never have too many note pads. While they are completely affordable, they come in many styles and patterns and can even be personalized to make the gift extra special.

Gift giving can get so costly that many people opt out of the fun. With this list of inexpensive office gift ideas you can join the fun and stay under budget.