Most Popular Current Checks of 2014

Here at current, we obviously love checks. They provide a secure and easy way to pay that doesn’t give the owner risk of having their credit card numbers stolen. While some people may call us “old fashioned” we love the simplicity of writing a check.

Along with simplicity, Current also offers a huge variety of check designs to make writing a check more personal and fun. We have beautiful, whimsical, funny and purposeful checks –wow, that’s a log. How do you choose a design?

Well, if you need help choosing a check design, browse through our current customer’s top favorites from 2014.

The Most Popular Checks Include:

Securiguard Security Blue Premium Checks

These secure checks give you an extra measure of security with an embedded hologram that tells banks that your check is genuine.

Securiguard Parchment Premium Checks

These parchment checks also have a secure hologram for security, but also feature a beautiful border.

Tropical Paradise II Side Tear Checks

Set your sails with these tropical, fun checks. Click on to see the colors and designs.

Expressions of Faith Checks

Express your faith by using these beautiful checks for everyday purchases.

Natural Checks

These simple yet elegant checks features sage and parchment colors, giving them a robust look.

Now that you’ve seen some of the most popular check designs we have to offer, start shopping. While you’re at it, why not get a matching checkbook cover? This will coordinate your checks and keep you stylish 🙂

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