10 Fun Games for a Long Car Ride

Fun Games for a Long Car Ride puzzles game Going on a long road trip with kids can be challenging, to say the least. Keeping kids occupied with fun, entertaining games and activities can help to make the trip easier and more fun for all of you. Here are ten activities and games for a car ride that your kids are sure to enjoy:

1. MadLibs. MadLibs offer lots of laughs as the miles fly by. Lets kids test their knowledge of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and more.

2. Puzzles. Crossword puzzles, word searches, sudoku — any kind of puzzle can help kids to keep quiet and occupied for hours.

3. Joke books. Bring along plenty of joke books for the kids to read and “quiz” each other with.

4. Hang Man. This game is a classic, allowing kids to hone their intuition and have fun along the way.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe. Another classic, and all you need is paper and pencil!

6. The Alphabet Game. This game is for everyone in the car and works by starting with the sentence, “I went to the grocery store and bought ______”, with the blank filled in with a food item starting with the letter “A.” The next person says a food item beginning with the letter “B,” the next person “C,” and so on; however, each person also has to remember what all of the other items were and repeat them all, in order!

7. iPhone or iPad apps. Why not take advantage of technology to help keep your kids amused? There are thousands of fun game apps available that can help kids stay entertained for hours.

8. 20 Questions. One passenger thinks of a person, place or thing; everyone else in the car may ask 20 yes-or-no questions to try and guess the item correctly.

9. The Alphabet Game. Everyone participates to find items spotted while on the road beginning with the letters A – Z. Designate one person in the car to write them down. Whoever contributes the most wins.

10. The Punchbug Game. Have everyone in the car watch for Volkswagen Beetles. The first one to see each one (modern or old-school version) shouts “Punchbug Yellow!” — or whatever color the car is. Whoever spots the most Beetles wins. (“Punching” the person next to you is optional; do it lightly, or it will be a long car ride!)

Any of these games for a car ride can be lots of fun and help to ensure smooth sailing on your road trip from beginning to end!