Unique Christmas Card Thank You Wording Tips

Christmas Card Thank You Wording Tips address labels Tis’ the season to be caring and grateful. Whether it’s a nice gift you or a family member receives or you just want to express your gratitude toward someone that’s helped you out in the past year, a Christmas thank you card is a gesture that can help you put your heartfelt appreciation into words.

Just be sure to have stationary, address labels and stamps on hand as you follow these tips for Christmas card thank you wording:

  • Describe your intentions: Whether you’ve received a gift or are just writing to thank someone for something kind they’ve done in the past year, be sure to make extra effort to describe the situation in your thank you note. For example, if someone sent you a gift card, detail your appreciation for the gesture and briefly describe why it makes a great gift for you and even what you intend to use it on.
  • Speak from the heart: We all don’t tell each other how we really feel about each other enough. If there’s one time of year to do it, it’s Christmas. So speak from the heart as you write your thank you notes and let your true feelings take over your message.
  • Wording: Refer to the thank you note recipient’s name in the format that you best know him or her. For example, if someone’s full name is “Charles,” but you refer to him as “Chuck” or “Chucky,” use either of the latter over the former example. Using the common format when it comes to names further personalizes the thank you note.
  • Type the note out before you write it: Thank you notes are meant to be handwritten, but it’s a good idea to practice typing your message before you actually sit down to write it in a card. Follow the old adage “practice makes perfect” with your thank you notes.

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