The Secret to a Perfectly Made Bed

Essential to any bedding set is a bed skirt (also known as a dust ruffle). It adds elegance and sophistication to a normally bland and boring set of sheets. Bed skirts can really transform your bed into a more grandiose setting, that is, if they’re in place properly. Bed skirts tend to move around a bit from your natural movements while sleeping. To keep your bed skirt from sagging on one side and tucking on the other side, Lillian Vernon has convenient little bed skirt pins to keep it in place.

Our Bed skirt Pins are small staple like tacks that you use to pin your bed skirt down to your bed. Don’t worry about damaging your sheets or your bed—these things are very easy to put in and take out. Put a stop to the shifting and slipping with these simple pins.

How to use them:

These are super simple! Just put your bed skirt in place, and then put a pin in each corner and on each side of the bed, securing it to the box spring. Make sure you put it in securely, and that’s it! They’re hidden underneath the bed and your bed skirt it in place until you take them out. How easy is that?!


Bed Pins

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