How to Support a Solider this Memorial Day


Although most Memorial Day activities focus on remembering soldiers who have died in the service of the military, it is also the perfect opportunity to honor the men and women who are serving currently. Some suggested activities for showing your support to these brave individuals are included below.

1. Donate money or time.

If you want to provide financial support to members of the military, you can make a donation to a charitable organization of your choice. A list of nonprofits currently supporting the military can be found at If you want to show support the military throughout the rest of the year, you can also sign up as a volunteer with one of these organizations.

2. Send a card.

Serving in the military requires a great deal of dedication and sacrifice. If you know someone serving in the military, consider sending him or her a personalized greeting card or letter to show your gratitude and admiration. You can also send generic letters and cards to members of the military through organizations such as A Million Thanks.

3. Send a care package.

Some organizations, such as Operation Gratitude, collect items for care packages to send to the military. Items requested for care packages include snacks, toiletries, electronics, hats, scarves and more. A full list of requested items can be found on Operation Gratitude’s website. Operation Gratitude also accepts letters to the military and financial donations.

4. Help them call home.

By donating used cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, you can help military members stationed away from home to call their friends and family for free. The organization sells or recycles the phones you donate, and the proceeds are used to purchase calling cards for the military. Cell Phones for Soldiers prefers gently used cell phones, but even broken phones can generate some revenue.