How to Keep Wine Cold While on the Go

wine cooler bagNothing is as disappointing to the taste buds as flat, warm wine. In fact, you might compare the taste of unchilled wine with plain, old water! And who wants to drink water when you’ve got a bottle of wine waiting to titillate your senses?

How to Keep Wine Cold 101

Is there a way to keep wine cold while traveling? You bet there is! One way is to use the laws of evaporation and cooling by wrapping your wine bottle in wet paper towel or toilet paper. Just as the body cools down when we perspire, wine and other beverages chill out as wet paper dries against the surface of the bottle.

Of course, the old stand-by to keeping beverages cool in their containers is a “coozie”, or those foam rubber holders that are several inches thick and take up valuable room in your travel bag or backpack. And they aren’t the most practical wine cooler, either. How many times have you found pieces of a coozie littering the bottom of your bag?

Instead of messy paper and foam rubber, why not take the classy Tropical Wine Chiller Bag with you on your next trip? This high-quality wine chiller bag not only provides exceptional cooling for your wine but the gel-filled cells offer extra padding so that your wine stays safe until you are ready to take that first, cold sip. The 10-inch tall Tropical Wine Chiller Bag also comes in four attractive colors to compliment any traveling outfit and can be carried easily over your shoulder while hiking in the woods or walking the streets of Paris.