Christmas Table Topppers Add a Special Touch to Holiday Dinner

Current Catalog knows the importance of those minute little details that often get lost in the busy shuffle of the holiday season. When it comes to hosting the perfect Christmas or holiday dinner party, we’ll help make sure you have everything covered–down to the smallest detail like an adorable Christmas table topper. These adorable little stocking salt and pepper shakers will be the star of the show at dinnertime. These tiny Christmas table toppers make a great gift, especially if you’re going to a dinner party! Bring them along and the recipient will probably add them to her table that instant! You can hand wash these shakers, and they come with a 6.75″ high metal stand. The bottom stoppers allow for a super easy re-filling.

Christmas Table Toppers

Christmas Dinner Party Tips

While we’re on the topic of holiday dinners, you may be dreading the “big event” because you’re hosting this year! If this is the first time you’ve hosted a dinner party at the holidays or are just a little rusty on how to throw a hugely successful Christmas dinner party, here are some suggestions to get you started. The key to planning any Christmas party or dinner party is to be well prepared. Another great tip is to make things as easy as possible so you don’t stress yourself out. You want to enjoy the party as much as everyone else, and if you take on too much and spread yourself too thin, you will not be able to enjoy the lovely evening you have orchestrated.

  1. Create a dinner party checklist of everything you need to buy and do for the dinner.
  2. Choose and mail out invitations at least three weeks in advance so your guest have plenty of time to plan, move things around on their schedule, arrange for travel, etc.
  3. Make sure your home is decorated with lots of festive holiday decorations
  4. Play traditional holiday music at a low volume during dinner (think soothing background music rather than loud party music)
  5. Plan your menu well in advanced and don’t make things too difficult for yourself! For instance, plan for a few dishes that can be made the day or two before the actual party and then heated up. Enlist the help of others who offer to help with food preparation, and don’t be shy about asking for help if you need it. The larger the dinner guest list, the larger your amount of stress, and since you want to have fun, too, don’t overdo it by trying to be Martha Stewart!
  6. Make sure your restrooms are clean and well-stocked.
  7. Don’t clean up while guests are still enjoying your great eats! This will make them uncomfortable and they will feel rushed. You can clean up after the last guest leaves or start a little light cleaning like putting food in the fridge and making to-go boxes while guests are mingling after dinner.

Current has the festive supplies you need this Christmas. From wrapping paper to gift ideas for everyone in your life, Current’s vast online catalog will surely make shopping fun this year!