10 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no further! no matter what man you’re shopping for, some of the sweetest gifts can be given on or around Valentine’s Day. So go ahead, express your love and sweetness to your man with one of these super-sweet Valentine’s day gifts:

1. A Sweet Recipe

(Look on Pinterest)

There are hundreds of amazing recipes on Pinterest. Check them all out and start to drool!

2. A Thoughtful¬†Husband’s Valentines Day Card

Personalize your own Valentine’s Day card here at Current.

3. A Sweet Wine

(plus cute tags)

Sweet wines include Rieslings, Muscatos, Vouvray and others. Check out the full list here.

4. Personalized Sweetness

Whether it be a plaque, a throw or other wall art, this gift will stay between you two for years.

5. Date Night In

Do ice cream, sushi, or chocolaty covered strawberries for a casual and comfy date night in.

6. 52 Things “I Love About You”

Grab a deck of cards and write some short & sweet reasons why you love your man!

7. Beer & Pint Glass

If you want to keep your gift as casual as possible, grab his favorite 6 pack of beer and a personalized pint glass. Practical, fun and you can relax on the couch all night.

8. Cell Phone Cases

Order a phone or laptop case that features a photo of you two, your kids or your dog.

9. Treat Yo Self

Splurge on the neighborhood spa and get two messages you for you and your lover to enjoy together.

10.36 Questions

Looking to get closer to your husband, boyfriend or significant other? Take a night out and discuss some or all of these 36 questions about you and your love.