5 Fun Snow Day Activities

snow day activities farkel When the weather outside is frightful, your kids might not find it so delightful. It’s just too cold and snowy to go out and play. And the roads are simply not safe. The best course of action is to stay warm and cozy inside while it snows and blows outside. Your kids might be content with this for a while…especially if they get to take the day off from school! Eventually, however, you are bound to hear those two dreaded words: “I’m bored!”

Don’t just sit your kids in front of the TV or the computer for hours on end. There are plenty of fun snow day activities that allow your kids to stay actively involved, exercise their minds, and bond together as a family. With a little help from Current’s extensive catalog of indoor games, you can turn an ordinary snow day into one of life’s special moments.

Here are five great snow day activities!

Jigsaw Puzzles – From holiday themes to animals to fairy princesses, today’s jigsaw puzzles have something for everybody. Don’t have time to finish a whole puzzle in one sitting? Don’t worry! If you put your puzzle together on Current’s special jigsaw puzzle mat, you can easily roll-up your unfinished work to move and store it for later.

Build the Ultimate Fort – Forts are just plain fun. Grab all the blankets and sheets you have and drape them over your living room. Then have lunch in your castle.

Dice Games – From Yahtzee to Farkel Party to LCR Wild, people of all ages can enjoy a good dice game. Tired of traditional dice? Why not trade them for barnyard animals with a zany game of Pass the Pigs?

Brain Teasers – Mazes, picture games, and optical illusions can keep kids occupied for hours on end. Stretch their minds and show them something amazing.

Bingo – Nobody can be unhappy when yelling out “BINGO!” Try adding prizes like small toys or sweet treats for an even more fun and exciting experience.

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