How to Make a Rose out of Paper

Want to give a friend a rose that won’t fade after a few days? Why not fashion a pretty bouquet out of paper? It’s easy to do, and makes a fun and original decoration for any gift. This project is particularly pretty when you make it with cute stationery or wrapping paper.

Plus, once you learn how make a rose out of paper with this easy method, you’ll be able to adapt your design to use colorful tissue paper, newsprint, even foil! Make a paper rose in 5 easy steps:

how to make a rose out of paper

  1. Start by cutting a rectangle of paper. The dimensions do not have to be exact as long as it is longer than it is wide.
  2. Roll the paper lengthwise into a tube. Don’t go too tight. The diameter of the tube will be the size of your completed rose bud.
  3. Grasp the tube of paper about an inch from the top and squeeze. This will form the actual rose. Then,  begin twisting the paper below that tightly until you are about halfway down.
  4. Take the bottom corner and bring it up to where the twist ends. This will be your leaf.
  5. Continue to roll the paper to complete the stem.
  6. Adjust the bloom and the leaf until you like the way that they look. Don’t feel bad if your first rose isn’t perfect. It can take a few tries to get it exactly right.

For a variation, skip the leaf step on some blooms. You can also vary the paper size to make larger and smaller flowers. We wish you luck in making a perfect rose out of paper!

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