How to Display Christmas Cards

How to Display Christmas CardsReceiving Christmas cards in the mail is a fun part of the holiday celebration and lets you stay in touch with family and friends. If you’re wondering how to display Christmas cards, though, consider six creative, festive and easy techniques.


A small or large ladder serves as a Christmas card display when you hang cards off the rungs. Punch a hole in the top left corner of the card, slide a ribbon through the hole and tie the ribbon to a rung. Alternatively, string yarn in an X pattern between the rungs and use red and green clothespins to attach the cards to the yarn.


In the middle of an evergreen centerpiece, place your favorite Christmas cards. The evergreen branches securely hold the cards, and you can customize the display with pinecones, holly or colorful ornaments.


Any door, window or cabinet can become a display case when you hang a wreath from it. First, wrap the wreath with festive fabric or raffia. Then, attach cards to the wreath with double-sided tape or small clips.

How to Display Christmas Cards photo cardRibbons

Strips of ribbon hung vertically or horizontally decorate your walls, doors, mantles and even windows with color, especially as they hold photo Christmas cards. For the best results, select ribbon that’s at least two-inches wide. Use double-sided tape or decorative clips to attach the cards.

Memo Board

A memo board in any room of your home displays cards with ease. Simply attach the cards to the board with colorful push pins. The pins may be red, green or gold, or you can make cute homemade pins by hot gluing colorful or decorated buttons to them.

Clear Canister

A clear glass or plastic canister becomes a festive decoration when you fill it with the cards you receive. Display the canister on your kitchen table or front entrance armoire as you celebrate the season.

The beautiful Christmas cards you receive from family members and friends deserve a prominent place in your home. With one of six unique display methods, they become part of your decor and remind you of the true spirit of the season.

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