How to Choose the Perfect Wrapping Paper

how to choose the perfect wrapping paperWhile you probably spent the most time and money on the gift inside the package, the presentation is a major part of the gift-giving experience. You will want to pick out the perfect wrapping paper for the gift you are going to give. These tips will help you know exactly which print to choose for your next present.

Contemplate the Occasion

If this present is for a person’s birthday, you will want to choose fun and festive birthday-themed wrapping paper. If it’s a holiday present, be sure to pick out paper that matches the appropriate holiday theme. Don’t forget to pick out matching accessories such as bows, gift tags and tissue paper.

Think About the Recipient’s Personality

Perhaps the gift you have bought is for a young child. In this situation, consider picking out a wrapping paper with their favorite TV character or a unique and colorful pattern. If you are giving a gift to your boss, it might be best to go with a more reserved and elegant wrapping paper.

Reflect on the Gift Itself

You may want to pick out a wrapping paper that matches the theme of the gift, such as a wrapping paper featuring trains for that wooden train set you picked out for your nephew. If it’s a joke gift for a friend’s birthday, you could consider going with a loud, brightly colored wrapping paper to match the tone of your gift.

You’ve probably picked out an exceptionally thoughtful gift that you are excited to present to this special person in your life. By being equally thoughtful about the wrapping paper you choose, the recipient is sure to be moved and touched by your gesture. Remember — it’s the thought that counts, so make sure you put a lot of heart, effort and consideration into every aspect of your gift.