Christmas 2015 Checklist & Deadline Dates

While you don’t want to start sending out Christmas greetings in the middle of July, you do need to start the process far enough in advance to ensure you have the cards you need as well as the time to prepare and mail them on their merry way. Here’s a Christmas 2015 checklist to help keep you as keenly on track as Santa Claus.


Review and update your holiday card mailing list, updating or removing outdated contacts and adding new ones to your list. Determine the number of overall cards you’ll need for everyone on your list, then add a few extra for unexpected greetings you’ll want to extend.

Mid-October to Early November                   

Browse through this year’s fresh selection of Christmas cards, stickers and other correspondence, choosing styles you like and personalization you want to add. Remember personalization adds two extra business days to the order, and place your order accordingly so your cards are on hand by mid-November to start filling out and addressing them.

Dec. 1

General consensus varies, but it’s typically OK to start sending out Christmas cards on Dec. 1.

Dec. 2 to 25

It’s still not too late to order, receive and send out cards, although you are getting closer and closer to the Christmas deadline. Those who like living on the edge can check out the absolute deadlines when it comes to ordering and mailing Christmas cards.

Card and Item Ordering Deadlines from Current

If you want to receive Current greeting cards or items by Christmas, you can still hand out the cards or goodies in person even if they won’t make it to the recipients in the mail. The absolute last day to order appears below:

  • Dec. 15: Personalized cards or items using standard and rush-and-track delivery
  • Dec. 17: Non-personalized cards or items with standard and rush-and-track delivery
  • Dec. 20: Personalized cards using 2-day delivery
  • Dec. 22: Non-personalized cards or items using 2-day delivery
  • Dec. 21: Personalized cards using next-day delivery
  • Dec. 23: Non-personalized cards or items using next-day delivery

Note: 2-day and next-day delivery orders must be received by 11 a.m. ET on the last day to order. They also require a phone number and street address and cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes.

Card Mailing Deadlines from US Postal Service (USPS)

We crafted a 2015 USPS Christmas mailing schedule based on info from the previous year. Expect to send out your mail or packages well in advance to ensure they arrive by Dec. 24. The post office is closed on Christmas Day.

  • Dec. 2: International first-class mail
  • Dec. 2: International Priority Mail
  • Dec. 10: International Priority Mail Express
  • Dec. 15: Standard post
  • Dec. 17: Global Express Guaranteed
  • Dec. 20: First-class mail
  • Dec. 20: Priority Mail
  • Dec. 23: Priority Mail Express

Hopefully this Christmas 2015 checklist can help alleviate the worries of your holiday greetings arriving on time. And if not, you can always start priming for the next holiday up: Valentine’s Day.

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