Your Traveling Abroad CHECKlist: Don’t Forget Your Checkbook!

You will typically need to complete a detailed checklist when traveling abroad. A checkbook is one of the most important things you will need to remember. Personal checks are available at Current Catalog in a variety of styles.

Your checks must provide your bank’s routing transit number and your account number at that bank. You’ll typically obtain your account number from your temporary check if you have just opened an account and are ordering permanent checks for the first time. If your account number is changing because your bank is merging with another bank, you will need to know if the routing number’s also changing.

The American Bankers’ Association provides a range of specifications for printed checks to ensure that financial institutions will accept the checks. These specifications include security features such as EZShield, which makes it more difficult to forge the checks. Custom checks often list their security features on the back of the check, which may include a signature line in micro-print. This signature line is not solid, although it will be a solid line on a photocopy of the check. This feature allows financial institutions to identify copied checks.

You can also make your checks more secure for traveling by omitting personal information from your checks such as your address and telephone number. This may require you to place a dummy character such as a tilde (~) in those fields when ordering your checks. You can order personal checks online at Current Catalog with our convenient online order form.

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